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MENASHA, WI (May 12, 2016) – At Network Health, we recognize the importance of healthy women in building healthy communities. As a part of our celebration of Women’s Health Week, May 8-16, Network Health is shining the spotlight on how women can care for their health at every age.

“As we grow and evolve as women, so do our health needs,” said Mary Davis, MD, Network Health Chief Medical Officer. “As women it is important to understand our changing health care needs as they relate to our age and health status.”

Network Health recommends that all women receive an annual physical. Your physician may begin incorporating additional screenings, such as mammograms and osteoporosis tests, as your age progresses.

Dr. Davis suggests discussing your individual health care needs with your physician at your annual visit. “At Network Health we know that health care is personal. Talk with your doctor about your age and health concerns. You and your physician should determine what testing is necessary for you.”

Visit the Network Health blog at copilotwi.com to learn more about which health screenings are recommended for women at each stage of life. For a full list of preventive care guidelines, visit networkhealth.com, or NetworkHealthMedicare.com if you’re 65 or older.