3 Stress-Busting Tips

3 Stress-Busting Tips

You’ve heard it before--“change is good.” But change can also bring stress. And, big life changes (like retirement, loss of loved ones or health problems) bring a lot of stress.

Many people don’t realize the connection between stress and health, but countless studies have shown your mental and emotional state can greatly affect your physical health.

To live a healthier life, start taking steps to manage stress and protect your well-being. The following can help.

1)   Accept there are things you can’t control. Too often you worry about things you can’t change. Don’t allow yourself to get wrapped up in something that’s out of your power. Keep things in perspective to help avoid unnecessary worries.

2)   Keep a positive attitude.  Easier said than done, right? It might be a struggle at first, but it is important to your health. A recent Boston University study revealed seniors with a positive attitude recover better from surgeries than those with a negative outlook. Being an optimist will make it easier to overcome life’s challenges.

3)   Get and stay socially connected. Remember, your mental and emotional health are just as important as your physical health. Most people understand they need to take time to exercise and eat right to stay healthy. But, it is also important to stay connected socially. Try volunteering or doing something nice for others. Helping out can create a sense of purpose and lead to greater happiness.

Improving your health and changing your habits isn’t easy. Make sure to monitor your stress level and share it with your doctor. Ask for his or her suggestions to get and stay mentally and emotionally fit.

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